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Helping students with the F-word

Helping students with the F-word

The most frequently asked question by matriculants all around the country when they are doing research on prospective tertiary studies is around the debilitating synonymous “F words”… FINANCES and FUNDING!

The good news is that the long sought after solution is finally here.  The answer is simple – it’s SAScholar!

SAScholar empowers people, primarily the youth, by assisting them in finding and managing scholarship opportunities using a mobile application that will enhance their chances of gaining access into institutions of higher learning.  This in turn makes higher education more accessible to scholars within South Africa, which is pertinent for the future of the country.

With more than 7000 bursary entries on the qualifications in our database, the SAScholar App makes finding bursary opportunities as easy as 1-2-3!

Applying for bursaries and scholarships can be a tedious, confusing, and anxiety provoking process for scholars and even their families.

Most scholars are uncertain where to find reliable bursary information, the SAScholar App has made the process a whole lot easier by incorporating bursary matching as opposed to bursary searching. Bursary matching is the process of matching the right person to the right funding opportunity while bursary searching is an ancient process of looking for funding opportunities.

The Mobile App is designed in such a way that a scholar will enter their biographical information and the qualification they are studying for in the process of creating their own profile and we will match them with bursaries available at a particular university they chose or for all the South African Universities.

This will in turn streamline and simplify the scholars’ livelihood and learning.  Furthermore, the SAScholar App pro-actively and innovatively empowers current and potential scholars to succeed.

The service is available to all levels of university studies from aspiring Matric Scholars to Post-Doctoral Studies.

Ultimately, SAScholar strives to provide a world-class service to anyone, anywhere who wishes to get a quality education in South Africa.

If that wasn’t enough, the SAScholar App also features a Community App.  The SAScholar Community App appeals to organisations and corporations working with scholars in rural areas or scholars who don’t particularly have access to the internet or a smart device. This means organisations and corporations have the opportunity to purchase licenses enabling them to use the SAScholar Community App without having to create a specific user account thus making it suitable for assisting large groups of scholars.

SAScholar believes Education is Key, therefore providing scholars with the perfect match combination needed to open up the financial gates to their tertiary studies.

SAScholar launched officially on the 15th of June 2015!

For additional information, scholars are encouraged to please visit the official SAScholar website at

A promotional video can also be viewed at

The SAScholar Team consists of Blessing Jonamu, Tafadzwa Kachara and Curwyn Mapaling.  Last year they started SAScholar in response to previously having had their fair share of personal difficulties in not only finding appropriate funding opportunities but also in meeting bursary and scholarship deadlines.

Empowering current and potential scholars to succeed is what motives the SAScholar Team to continuously make use of maverick approaches to make things happen and effect change within the higher education sphere in South Africa.


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